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BiP is a secure, easy-to-use and free of charge communication and living platform. With BiP, you can request immediate help in emergency situations such as of fire, earthquake and flood. You can experience a flawless communication with BiP. With BiP, you can instantly translate & text in 106 different languages, make audio and video calls, make group video calls up to 10 people, share photos, videos and location. You can get a chance to become a phenomenon by creating a channel and send money to your loved ones. Moreover, you can use BiP both from mobile and from the web. From weather to exchange rate inquiry, there are many new features you can use in your daily life at BiP. FREE CALL You can make uninterrupted & HD quality voice calls or live video calls (conferences) with up to 10 people all over the world. For voice and live video calls, you can make international phone calls with a virtual number from BiP, also for free! WIN AS YOU USE As you message or talk to your friends in BiP, you may earn free internet packages. You can also send your messages safely and make them disseppear in the time you set. You can express your emotions more easily with the help of emojis and stickers. MESSAGE WITH NO LANGUAGE BARRIER Thanks to BiP's instant translation feature, you can instantly translate in 106 languages such as Turkish - English translation, English to Turkish translation, as well as in German, Arabic & Russian. Thus, while you are writing in your own language, the person you are chatting sees what you write in their own language through an automatic translation. NIGHT MODE With the night mode, you can change your BiP theme in order to save your phone's battery. HIGH QUALITY PHOTO AND VIDEO You can send HD quality photos to your loved ones from BiP and share your pictures in real quality. GROUP CHAT With BiP, you can meet your loved ones in group chats and you can create work groups. You can easily organize your meetings with HD audio and video quality. FOLLOW ME You can follow each other with the Follow Me (navigation) feature in BiP. You can see where your loved ones are with the option of sending an instant location, and follow them also live as long as they are allowed. DISCOVER BiP Discover allows you to follow hundreds of services in different categories, from weather to exchange rates, live soccer reviews to award-winning contests. And now download BiP to discover more !

March 6, 2020
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