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BlackBerry® Hub+ Notes is a place to keep track of to-do lists, your bucket list, notes for a presentation, or action items from a meeting. Stay organized by managing all your important notes, from family gift ideas to your weekly shopping list. Major Features: • Rich text editor lets you format your notes and organize your lists with bullet points, numbered bullets, and check boxes • Sync your notes with email providers such as Outlook.com, based on Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync 14.1 or later • Organize your notes into categories by adding custom tags • Dark theme option gives your BlackBerry Hub+ Notes a fresh new look and feel • Fully supports Android Enterprise deployment and, when allowed by your administrator, supports unifying your personal and work notes while maintaining strict data storage separation BlackBerry Hub+ Notes requires the BlackBerry® Hub+ Services app to deliver a consistent experience across all BlackBerry® applications, and to manage your subscriptions Enjoy Notes for free on your BlackBerry® device! If you don't have a BlackBerry device: • Enjoy full functionality of the app for 30 days • Purchase a monthly subscription to get full functionality of BlackBerry Hub+ Notes. This grants you access to all the BlackBerry Hub+ apps, including Calendar, Contacts, Inbox, Tasks, and Launcher. • Enterprise Customers, please visit: http://web.blackberry.com/forms/enterprise/contact-us For support, visit docs.blackberry.com/en/apps-for-android/notes/

December 2, 2019
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