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Simple time reminder, plays sounds regularly (hourly chime), but can do much more!. It can be used as a cuckoo clock or mindfulness bell - every time it rings it gives you chance to think what time it is or what you are currently doing. By default it plays short sound every hour regardless of day or time of day. It can not only beep hourly but also on shorter periods like 30 or 15 minutes. The time signal can be configured for example to limit chime time to specific hours or days, see below for full list of options. You can use it also as reminder (e.g. to drink more water or take break from computer screen) by customizing text in the notification. *** Note *** Latest version 2.0 is not yet released for everyone. If you get old version (1.5) you can install newer one by activating beta here: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/it.nadolski.blipblip Free features: - play sound in regular intervals (every hour or every 30, 20, 15, 10, 5 or 1 minute - other periods are premium feature) - choose dates or days of week or specific times when the notification should be played - flexible silent time (define multiple times using date, time and day of week) - operating modes (change app behavior in Do Not Disturb, vibrate mode, etc.) - several sounds to choose (e.g. Casio watch beep, gong, ship's bell, cuckoo) - vibrate on phone and on smartwatch (choose from several vibrations or define your own pattern) - display when upcoming notification will occur - light up screen when playing sound - repeat sound selected number of times - show text in a pop-up - show and edit seconds - pause or silence background sounds or music when app plays (configurable in Advanced settings) - choose audio stream (ring, alarm, media, notification) - choose ring for sound to follow phone ringtone (choose this if you don't want sound in silent mode) - lower notification sound volume compared to chosen audio stream (using slider) - change audio stream sound volume using hardware volume keys in the app - continue working after reboot or app update - option to disable while music, video or game is playing on device - disable notification during phone call - change displayed text in a notification - accurate notifications with "Prevent delays" option in Reliability settings (uses more battery, may not work on all devices) - protected privacy - no ads Most of the app is free. Following are paid features: - Multiple active notifications - Add your own sound - Say time (speaking clock) or any text (text to speech) - Custom repeat interval - Strike the hour Additional sounds in the app are a separate paid option. Earnings help support further development of the app. If you don't want to support, please enjoy free version with no ads! This app uses Accessibility services. Using of the service is optional to help keep the app alive. App does not access any data using this service. Battery optimization modes or apps warning. Please note that if the app stops working unexpectedly it may be caused by some phone function or app which stops apps to increase battery life (power saving, battery optimization, eco, task killers, etc.). In such case, please disable it for BlipBlip for the app to function correctly. If you have any problem please contact us by using "Report problem" from the app, describe your problem and send email (message will include logs and configuration from your device). If there is something you would like to be changed in the app, please contact us by email at support@nadolski.it and we will do our best to help! Any suggestions are welcome. Follow us on Facebook http://bit.ly/2k2R9Nz Twitter http://bit.ly/2jpc4Zj Google+ http://bit.ly/2jzUGEF Google+ Community: http://bit.ly/2k9TLtK

January 30, 2018
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