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** From the makers of Bonza Word Puzzle ** "Bonza puzzles are instantly addictive!" - Will Shortz (Crossword Editor, The New York Times) Combine word search, jigsaw and trivia to solve puzzles as you explore the world of Bonza Planet. This edition of Bonza highlights themes like Animals, Travel, Planet Earth, Humanity and Science. FREE DAILY SHUFFLE Every day you can solve a new puzzle designed by the Bonza community. BONUS JIGSAW Every Sunday you can solve a new jigsaw designed by the Bonza Team. FEATURES A new type of crossword Jigsaw puzzles Stunning photography Puzzles designed by the Bonza community Relaxing ambient soundtrack Web: http://bonzapuzzles.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/bonzapuzzles Facebook: http://facebook.com/bonzawordpuzzle

October 17, 2019
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