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Remote control your FRITZ!Box and find out who called at home. Manage call diversions, answering machine, WiFi, Smart Home, child protection and more. The callthrough feature possibly allows free calls. Main features
- support multiple FRITZ!Boxes - displaying and editing the call list - switching call diversions - switching and play back answering machine - FRITZ!Box phone book: Display and edit - switch WiFi & guest access - WPS & QR Code: Connect new WiFi devices to FRITZ!Box - call monitor: Display calls immediately incl. voice output - restart & reconnect FRITZ!Box - send fax: display and send (pictures, pdf) - WakeOnLan: run computers remotely - remote access: turn off the PC, restart, screenshot and much more - Smart Home: control switch sockets and heating thermostats - child protection: limit internet access - Callthrough & dial helper: Transferring calls via the FRITZ!Box - 31 widgets & shortcuts What is the advantage compared to BoxToGo Free or FRITZ!Apps?
. - BoxToGo Pro (4.8★): 115 functions - MyFRITZ!App 2 (3,7★): 20 functions - see http://boxtogo.de/vergleich Easy & safe
- Setup wizard lets you easily setup BoxToGo. - The connection between BoxToGo and your FRITZ!Box is SSL protected by SSL and certificate check. Call list
- storage of unlimited number of calls (FRITZ!Box stores max. 400 calls) - reverse lookup: automatic caller name retrieval via online phone book - online Search: Show more information about a caller: location (maps), if the caller is serious, show mobile phone network - block advertising callers: By call barring or barring phonebook - Share caller, voicemail and fax e.g. with WhatsApp - Caller statistics Call Diversions, answering machine
- switching call diversion, changing the destination number - switching and play back answering machine Send fax
- send text, images or pdf via fax Smart Home
- supporting all AVM Smart Home devices: FRITZ!DECT 200, 201, 210, 300, 400, FRITZ!Powerline 546E, as well as EUROtronic Comet DECT and HAN FUN/DECT-ULE devices - switching sockets & radiator controller - widgets for single devices and list widget - NEU
: temperature- and energy statistics (from FRITZ!OS 06.98) WakeOnLan & remote access
. - switch on computers/servers remotely - switch off the computer, log off, lock, restart, save energy, hibernate, screenshot, send any command Child protection
- blocking, editing and changing the child's internet time - edit Access Profiles and assign devices - create and share tickets - edit filter lists Call monitor
- shows new calls immediately and usually before ringing - reverse lookup displays name of unknown persons, too - via VPN, inbound calls appear outside your home net Make phone calls via callthrough
You can save telephone charges by using callthrough feature. For example, you can use flat rates, which are normally only available from home. In addition, you can set whether the called person sees the landline number or "unknown" instead of your mobile phone number. Note that the call from the mobile phone to the FRITZ!Box is made via the normal mobile phone network, not the Internet. Callthrough is not Internet telephony. BoxToGo does not replace FRITZ!App fon, you cannot accept calls. Supported FRITZ!Boxes
3270, 3272, 3370, 3390, 3490, 4020, 4040, 4080, 5490, 5491, 6320, 6340, 6360, 7369, 6430, 6490, 6590, 6591, 6660, 6810, 6820, 6840, 6842, 6890, 7112, 7141, 7170, 7240, 7270, 7272, 7312, 7320, 7330, 7340, 7360, 7362, 7390, 7412, 7430, 7490, 7530, 7560, 7570, 7580, 7581, 7582, 7583, 7590 with firmware from xx.04.87. All requirements
http://boxtogo.de/systemvoraussetzungen.php Support and money back
Please contact me if you have problems or questions. If BoxToGo should still not work, you'll get your money back! Visit http://boxtogo.de for FAQs, forum and videos (German) or contact me directly: info@boxtogo.de or +49 (0) 30 70206375

May 31, 2019
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