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Bredbandskollen is a free tool that allows you to test and evaluate your internet connection, both mobile and Wi-Fi. Bredbandskollen is also available as a tool for your computer at www.bredbandskollen.se where you can measure your cable, as well as your Wi-Fi. Bredbandskollen for Android let you do the same measurement as Bredbandskollen on the web. If you measure with the mobile app and have allowed the app to have access to the location services, you will share you position. We aggregate all measurements under the tab "Map". If you do not want your location stored, you can, at any time, choose to not allow this in the settings on your phone. Bredbandskollen is run by The Swedish Internet Foundation, an independent organization that works for the positive development of the internet. Do you have questions about Bredbandskollen, e-mail our customer support at support@bredbandskollen.se.

December 16, 2019
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