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This browser provides intrusiveed for your surfing in the internet. Top features ● Ads Block: Browser integrated Ad Blocker to effectively block annoying ads, pop-ups, banners, as well as some specific JavaScript, to give you a comfortable browsing experience and make the page loading with a rapid speed, also reduce the internet data usage for users. ● Private browsing: Set Incognito to use private tab to go anywhere on the Internet without leaving a trace on your device. ● Smart News feed: Keeps you to be up-to-date with the personalized News. ● Personalized Search: Easily switch search engine with multiple options. ● Downloads: Easy access to manage your downloaded files. ● Quick Share: Remember your most recently visiting web to help you easily share content to Facebook, Twitter, Skype and more. ● Font size adjustment ● Personalized bookmarks ● Multi-tabs switch ● Data saving ● Customized Home page setting

March 5, 2020
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