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Business Tycoon 2 is now out, go check that out! Ever wanted to be a business tycoon? Be a true capitalist? A billionaire or better? Business Tycoon allows you to start from the bottom ( A small Book Store) and reach the heights of a Sports Centre bringing in Millions of Millions of capital from over 30 different businesses! Are you ready to Invest you time into best Tycoon Simulator! Build your business tycoon NOW!! Features: - 32 Different Businesses to run - 32 Managers to run the businesses for you on auto pilot - Earning you money while you are away from the game! - Over 230 upgrades to bring in more cash - Level up your business to gain speed upgrades - Investors Investors The more your earn the more your businesses get interest from investors that are willing to invest in you! Each new investor will help you earn 2% more income per Business!! Join this addicting business sim idle game now!

July 3, 2018
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