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App store info CASHe is one of India’s leading app-based credit lending platform which instantly underwrites and disburses short-term personal all through a smartphone app. Loans range from Rs 9,000 to Rs 3,00,000 with credit period ranging from 2 months to 1 year. We are revolutionizing the short-term personal loan market in India by creating a one-stop shop for young professionals who can now access credit in an elegant and uncomplicated way, instantly! * CASHe is the winner of Entrepreneur India’s Best Lending Tech Start-up for the year 2018. * Included in INC42’s 42 most innovative start-ups for the year 2018. Eligibility ● Minimum salary: in-hand salary of ₹15,000/month ● Minimum age: 18 years or above and below 55 years How to apply for a loan on CASHe * Log in to the app by registering through your social media pages. * Fill your details and upload basic documents to complete the mandatory KYC verification. * Once verified, you will be notified on your eligible loan amount instantly. * Apply for a loan and once it has been approved, we transfer the loan amount into your bank account in 10 minutes. Documents required * Selfie * PAN card * Address ID proof * Aadhar card * Bank statement What You'll Love ● Avail instant loans from CASHe through your smartphone ● Completely Digitised ● Get instant cash loans from as little as Rs 9,000 ● Faster approval process ● Get collateral-free loans without any bank visits ● Loan disbursement in 10 minutes (Subject to submission of proper documents) Wide range of loan products and tenors Rs.9K – 80K for 62 days Rs.19K – 100K for 90 days Rs 25K – 200K for 180 days Rs 50K – 250K for 270 days Rs 75K– 300K for 360 days Interest charges (APR) based on loan products Loans at 24.33%-36.50% p.a. translating to 2% - 3% a month ● ROI for loan tenure 62 days: 36.50% p.a. ● ROI for loan tenure 90 days: 33.46% p.a. ● ROI for loan tenure 180 days: 30.42% p.a. ● ROI for loan tenure 270 days: 31.42% p.a. ● ROI for loan tenure 360 days: 24.33% p.a. Sample loan calculation- Loan amount: Rs 30,000 at interest rate of 33% p.a. Loan Duration: 90 Days Total Interest = Rs 2,475 Processing fees (PF) + GST = Rs 600 + Rs 108 = Rs 708 Total Deductibles (PF + GST+ Interest): Rs 3183 In-Hand Amount: Loan Amount - Total Deductibles = Rs 30,000 - 3183 = Rs 26,817 Total repayable Amount: 30000 INR Monthly EMI Repayable: 10000 INR ** The deductibles (interest + PF + GST) is deducted upfront during the loan disbursal. Your data is safe with us We have stringent security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of information under control. We use Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) based encryption, for the transmission of the information, which is currently the required level of encryption in India as per applicable law. We need the following permissions for the app to function properly SMS*: Required to read your financial SMS sent by banks. Location: Required to verify your current location for the loan application Social media profile -Required to fetch the verified Facebook, LinkedIn and Google accounts for registration on the app. Contacts: To find accounts on the device and read your contacts Camera & Media Access: Required for enabling upload of loan application documents Read Device Info: Required to link the unique phone ID (IMEI) to the loan application for security purposes *Access to your SMS information We do not collect, read or store your personal SMS from your inbox. We only monitor your SMS to ascertain the financial SMS sent by the 5 or 6-digit alphanumeric senders in your inbox. This helps us to identify the various bank accounts you are holding, description and amount of the transactions undertaken by you as a user. This is required to perform a risk assessment on your profile and make faster credit decisions. Contact Us support@cashe.co.in: for loan related queries

March 17, 2020
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