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Riding the Chicago CTA buses is cool. With Chicago Transit Tracker, you can create and track an unlimited number of routes, and see your closest route based on your location. View CTA system maps, and follow CTA alerts, quickly and easily. Used by more riders than any other transit app in Chicago. NEW! Lite version and Pro version have the same features! Upgrade to Pro to remove the ads. There's no better tool for exploring and getting around Chicago than the Chicago Transit Authority. But with more than 140 bus and train routes covering 2,230 route miles, the system itself can be a challenge to learn. Chicago Transit Tracker can help ensure that you get the most out of the CTA. Features: -Real-time Bus and Train Trackers! -Add and organize multiple 'L' and Bus routes in My Routes -Reorder, group and organize those routes into groups for each access -Map predicted buses on your route with a single tap -Save (export) your list of routes to backup, and load (import) them from backup. Simply go to Settings to save or load your list. Great for when you need to reinstall your app or upgrade to Pro! -Closest Routes lookup based on your location -Alarms to tell you when to walk out the door -CTA Alerts -Smooth flashing indicators to alert you of changes -Filter by name when creating route -System maps -Report crashes to us to improve your experiences down the road Why Pro vs. Lite? - The Pro version removes ads.

May 23, 2019
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