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Cinnamon is a beautiful and efficient grocery shopping list app. Cinnamon has features that are guaranteed to improve your grocery shopping and grocery list building experience. Here are some amazing features that make that possible: • Sync and share your shopping list with others. Shopping lists sync within mere seconds of each other. • Bundles allow you to group multiple grocery items together and add them to your grocery list all at once. Create a Bundle for your weekly grocery staples, create a Bundle for all the ingredients you need for a recipe, the power is in your hands. • Keep track of what you already have and never buy the same item twice. Purchased items are automatically sent to your Pantry. Once you've used up an item in your Pantry, you can send it back to your shopping list with a single swipe. • The "Next Time" feature is a section in addition to your Buy List and Cart. You can send items there that you have decided to buy the Next Time (out of stock, too expensive, etc) so that you only keep items that you need to buy in your shopping list. The items will be sent back to your shopping list on your next shopping trip. (Enable this feature in Settings) • Add items to your grocery list via barcode scanning or voice recognition. • Organize your grocery list by using the predefined categories or create your own. • Sort your grocery list anyway you like. • Keep track of the total price of all the items in your shopping cart. • You can enter the amount and unit of the grocery item directly when adding. • Automatic unit conversions. • Android Wear smartwatch support. • And many more for you to discover on your own!

March 15, 2017
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