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Debugging for web developers and web designers
This app was built for web developers who aim to deliver the best user experience of their web app to Android users. If you're not a web developer or web designer or misunderstood what this is all about, then this app probably isn't what you're looking for ;) So what is it?
Just a debug-enabled WebView, allowing you to use Chrome's Developer Tools (running on your PC or Mac) to inspect and debug your web app while its running on your actual device. What's the use of it?
If you ever opened your web site in the Android stock browser and encountered one of the following issues, this app might prove useful to you: • The layout or styling
of your web site appears broken when viewed in the Android stock browser • Your JavaScript
code didn't produce the expected result or the computation must have suddenly stopped during execution (maybe an exception
was thrown?) • Animations
are laggy or just don't animate as expected Description
It sometimes happens that a web app doesn't work on mobile browsers, even though it's working fine on desktop browsers. Even worse, sometimes defects occur only on (certain) mobile devices, so you cannot simulate and reproduce it on a desktop browser. This is where remote debugging with Chrome's DevTools
proves to be useful. While Chrome for Android perfectly supports this already, the Android stock browser doesn't. This is unfortunate, since a lot of Android bugs seem to occur only on the stock browser and not on Chrome anyways. So this app lets you run web sites within the native browser (WebView), while giving you the possibility to inspect and debug the page with the Chrome DevTools. How to start remote debugging?
1. Enable Developer Mode on your Android device and connect it to your PC/Mac 2. Open this app and navigate to your web site by entering its URL 3. On your PC/Mac, open Chrome and type "chrome://inspect" into the address bar 4. In Chrome, check "Discover USB Devices" and it will list the web page you've opened on your device 5. Hit inspect and enjoy remote debugging the app with the Chrome Developer Tools For more information, read: https://www.pertiller.tech/blog/remote-debugging-the-android-native-browser

August 14, 2016
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