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detikcom comes with a new face! Install now or update your detikcom app to get the best news reading experience and to satisfy your digital lifestyle. detikcom app has innovated beyond providing the latest news by including a variety of services to ease transactions like purchasing Trans Studio or Trans Snow World tickets and to get information on the latest events and promos. Highlighted Features: Category Explore the latest stories from a variety of categories, such as national politics, soccer, economy & business, celebrity gossip, latest technology, healthy lifestyle, culinary, travel destinations, fashion, and automotive Breaking News Live stream important and breaking events Most Popular Tags A collection of the latest and most talked about issues Video A variety of exclusive, informative, entertaining, and inspiring videos Local News Choose a province from "Berita Daerah" to follow the latest news from your area Night Mode Activate night mode for a better reading experience at night We want to continue to innovate and improve our services. Your feedback is important to us. Send us an email at info@detik.com

March 6, 2020
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