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ATTENTION PARENTS! Many of the one star reviews are from children who are frustrated by the features of DinnerTime Plus! From the perspective of a parent this means that DinnerTime Plus is working well. So please take the average rating with a grain of salt. ---------------------------------------------------------------- The new DinnerTime Plus 3.0 is here! Please make sure both the parent's and kid's devices have this latest app version installed. DinnerTime Plus is THE BEST Android app for parents to monitor and control their children’s smartphone/tablet usage. FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS: Real-time monitoring: See exactly what your child is doing on their phone in real time Instant breaks: Set instant ‘Dinnertime’ or ‘Take a Break’ breaks pausing your child’s device activity for up to 24 hours Scheduled breaks: Create up to 2 ‘Scheduled Breaks’ such as ‘Bed Time’ or ‘Study Time’ that automatically block your child’s device usage following a customized schedule Set permitted apps: Allow your child to access specific apps during their breaks App and Device time limits: Set time limits for how long your child can use their device or a specific app. Works even if your child goes offline. Set different time limits for weekends versus weekdays. Unusual activity notifications: Receive a notification if your child’s device experiences unusual activity Parents notification when a new app is installed on the kid’s device. Admin Mode feature to allow parents to temporarily access the kid’s device during DinnerTime restriction to perform administration work, or modify the restriction policy if the kid's device is not connected online. Add a second parent: Add another parental device to monitor and block your child’s device Add a second child: Monitor and block a second child’s device New sign up procedure: Our new sign up system is easier, faster, and no longer requires SMS verification UPGRADE HIGHLIGHTS: With a one time in-app purchase of only $3.99, you can support the developers and access even more features, including: Add up to 5 different children’s devices Access reports of your child’s usage today, yesterday, and for the last 7 days Six extra Scheduled Breaks: Parents can now create up to 8 Scheduled Breaks 24 hour history: Parents can now view their child’s device usage history for the last 24 hours Customized warnings: Customize warning messages during timeouts DinnerTime Plus utilizes cloud-enabled technology, meaning all its features occur in real-time from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. Watch a short tutorial on how to setup DinnerTime Plus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neDtOjymijg NOTES FOR PARENTS: Most of the 1-star ratings are from children. Many parents provided the app with high satisfaction ratings in Google Play. Because we link each parent account with a phone number, the parent account must be linked to a phone (Android or iOS). This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

March 6, 2020
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