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The social drawing app where people draw each other. Create a selfie, submit it and talented people from all around the world can draw a portrait of you! Or paint a masterpiece inspired by one of the many photos. Simple but powerful drawing tools: - multiple brushes with different textures and opacity (airbrush, pen, paintbrush. etc) - pan&zoom, - multi-step undo-redo premium tools: - smudge brush - eyedropper - layers You can also just scroll through the many paintings of the community's best artists and you will find everything: from amazing masterpieces to simple doodles and cartoon caricatures in various styles. Our community welcomes every creative people, regardless of skill level. A quick, funny sketch can also get you many likes! "Draw me like one of your french girls" - as the famous line goes, but this time you don't need an artistic friend, you have all the artists in the world to help.

February 22, 2018
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