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Dream Talk Recorder is an intelligent voice recorder used by over 4 million people to record their sleep talks and snores at night! It automatically filters silence & records in high quality (Also available on iOS) Do you talk or snore in your sleep? Find out tonight! 5 Star Customer reviews: "Works exactly as expected. Recorded when I talked or made noises so that when I woke up I could listen. Even shows what time I talked/made noises." - GoshyG24 "Excellent app. Great for checking how you are sleeping, snoring, and if you stop breathing in the middle of the night. I use it every night. You can playback your nights for your doctor to see if you are having medical problems" - Robert Sable "Using it for almost a year now, works great, its fun but also very helpful at the same time. (Snoring, dreamtalking, etc)" - Vikor Morvay "Works awesome ! Exactly what I needed. And very easy to use." - Maria B "Love this! Best app out of all that I've seen available. Highly recommend :-)" - Lisa Austen About 5% of the world adult population talks in their dreams. Do you know if you, your kids or someone you know talk in their dreams? Do you know what happens in the darkest hours of the night? Do you know how many times your kids wake up at night? Find out today! Dream Talk Recorder intelligently records your talks while you, your partner or your kids are talking or snoring in sleep. Our superior technology records only when you are talking or snoring i.e., it automatically filters silence. Touch a button in Dream Talk Recorder before going to sleep and in the morning you will be surprised and delighted to hear everything that you or your partner said at night. Also now you don't have to argue with your partner if he/she snores at night. You will have a solid proof and can play it at the breakfast table :). Benefits ------------ - It records only when a user is talking or snoring in the sleep. So the users don't have to listen to 8 full hours of recording. They simply get 20-30 short recordings when they are talking or snoring at night. - User's can easily set delay time so that recording starts afters e.g., 30 minutes. They also set after how many hours (e.g., 6), the recording should stop automatically. - It keeps a complete history with start/stop time and number of recordings - Copy funny dream talks to favourites - Sleep talk recording and snoring detection for Android - Save important recordings to Dropbox - Play and listen to recordings from history and favourites - Delete all recordings from the last night by touching the row for a longer duration. - Share your dream talks via email, Facebook/Twitter and other services with your friends. When a user wants to share a recording, it automatically uploads the recordings to our servers and users get a nice short link to the recording that they can post any where they want. Hosting for the recordings is also completely free. Users can listen to the funny and some times hilarious recordings shared by other users of Dream Talk Recorder. It has active sharing community and users share their favorite recording from US, UK, Italy, Germany and several other countries. Recording can be listened inside the "World" tab. People also use Dream Talk Recorder to record their business meetings, class lectures and monitor their home when they are away e.g., to see if dog was barking or a child was crying in their absence. Some users said that it's also very nice to use Dream Talk Recorder to record short voice notes. Dream Talk Recorder On Web: http://www.dreamtalkrecorder.net on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/DreamTalkRecorder on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DreamTalkRec on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dream-talk-recorder/id445472628?mt=8

March 23, 2020
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