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There is no better way to follow Android News! Our team of experts work 24/7 to handpick the best Android-related content published daily. Articles can be upvoted by the community - that's you - allowing us to rank trending topics and show users exactly what's happening in the Android world. Ditch the RSS feeds. Say goodbye to duplicate content. Download EarlyBird and you'll realize it's the only resource for Android News you need. Publications often featured in EarlyBird include: -- AnandTech -- Android Authority -- Android Central -- Android Guys -- Android Police -- Arstechnica -- DroidLife -- Engadget -- Phandroid -- TechCrunch -- The Verge -- Wall Street Journal -- /r/Android We curate breaking news into a single stream with accurate titles, informative summaries, and pertinent links. You can find a web-based version of EarlyBird online at http://AndroidForums.com/news/ EarlyBird is currently in BETA! Please be gentle with ratings and reviews...

February 19, 2018
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