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Ease CheckIn makes it quick and convenient to manage daily attendance using Infobric’s attendance ledger. You can manage several sites simultaneously and constantly monitor your attendance history. Check your colleagues in and out. Sites where you are already registered in the ledger are automatically visible and it is easy to add yourself to other sites. You can also use the app to configure and unlock Ease Smart Lock, a digital door lock for construction sites. Ease CheckIn is free to download. Features: • Check yourself in and out. • Site that are available for check-in are displayed on the list My sites and the rest appear on the list Expired sites. • Search through sites where use of the app has been activated and easily add yourself to new sites. • Sites where you are already registered in the ledger are automatically visible among your sites. • View detailed information about sites with contact details and a map view etc. • Favourite your frequent sites for quick access. • Review your check-in and check-out events as reported by the app in the site log book. • Check your colleagues in and out if the site permits. • Manage your own list of colleagues with contact details and create favourites for quick access. • New! Use the app to unlock the digital lock Ease Smart Lock Additional features for Swedish sites: • Display information on steps to take during inspection visits from the Swedish Tax Agency.

March 20, 2020
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