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The App controls the ECO Plugs serial products - such as, switches, yard stakes, power strip, and smart box. Simple plug your device into power supply, and download ¨ECO Plugs〃 to your smart phone easy to control your ECO Plugs devices with your Wi-Fi network, allow you turn On or Off, or pre-set customized security programs from anywhere. The ECO Plugs App runs on your smart phone or tablet to control any electronic devices that plug into a ECO Plugs switch, power strip, yard stake, or smart box. Other than regular on/off setting, the ECO Plugs App allows to set astronomic sunrise or sunset program, optional DST time adjustment, holiday security program or random timer. To make your home security when you are away from home, create a pure city for our next generation. Work with Alexa Products! Your lights will respond to voice commands. When paired with Amazon Alexa, control your ECO Plugs devices and connected lights using just your voice. Moreover, the App also concerned about your electric budget. All you have to do is connect between household appliances and ECO Plugs devices with watts check feature, then can easily check your electric consumption and electric bill. ECO Plugs devices including indoor-use and outdoor-use switches, still outdoor-use yard stakes and smart box, which are available at major retails.

April 28, 2019
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