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The free offline English dictionary
application explains the meaning of English words! Definitions are based on English Wiktionary
. Fast search, easy and functional user interface, optimized also for tablets. Ready to go: it works offline without any further file to download! Features
♦ More than 336000 english definitions and large number of inflected forms ♦ You can leaf through words using your finger (swipe right and left) ♦ Manage your bookmarks
, personal notes
and search history
♦ Crossword help: the symbol ?
can be used in place of single unknown letter. The symbol *
can be used in place of any group of letters. The fullstop symbol . can be used to mark the end of a word. ♦ Random search button (shuffle), useful to learn new words ♦ Share word definition using other apps, like gmail or whatsapp ♦ Compatible with Moon+ Reader, FBReader and other applications via share button ♦ Backup&restore configuration, personal notes and bookmarks on local memory, Google Drive, Dropbox and Box clouds (available only if you have installed these applications on your device) ♦ Camera search via OCR Plugin, available only on devices with back camera. (Settings->Floating Action Button->Camera). The OCR Plugin has to be downloaded from Google Play. Your settings
♦ Black and white themes with user defined text colors (press menu-->select Settings-->click on Theme) ♦ Optional Floating Action Button (FAB) supporting one of the following actions: Search, History, Favorites, Random search and Share option; Optional shake action with similar actions. ♦ Persistent Search option to get automatic keyboard at startup ♦ Text to speech options, including selection of British or American accent (press menu-->select Settings-->click on Text to Speech-->select Language) ♦ Number of items in history ♦ Customable font size and line spacing, default screen orientation ♦ Start up option: home page, most recent word, random word or word of the day Questions
♦ No voice output? Please follow instructions here: http://goo.gl/axXwR Note: word pronunciation works only if voice data have been installed in your phone (Text-to-speech engine). ♦ In case you have a Samsung device with Android 6 and you got problems with voice output, please use the default Google TTS (text to speech) engine instead of Samsung engine ♦ Question & Answers: http://goo.gl/UnU7V ♦ Keep safe your bookmarks and notes, please read: https://goo.gl/d1LCVc ♦ Information about permissions used by the application can be found here: http://goo.gl/AsqT4C ♦ Download also the other livio offline dictionaries available in Google Play for a broader and unique experience In case Moon+ Reader does not list my dictionary: open pop-up "Customize dictionary" and select "Open dictionary directly when Long-Tap on a word" ⚠ An offline dictionary needs memory. In case your device has low memory, please consider to use the online dictionary: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=livio.dictionary Information for application developers: ✔ This application provides Dictionary API for 3rd party developers, please read further details: http://thesaurus.altervista.org/dictionary-android Beta testers, please read: http://goo.gl/dVvonK Permissions
This application requires the following permissions: INTERNET - to retrieve the definition of unknown words WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (aka Photos/Media/Files) - to backup configuration and bookmarks

February 22, 2020
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