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(Please, join Google Plus community at https://plus.google.com/communities/100312921568116734139 to read about updates and answers to FAQs) Note for Premium Users:
If after reinstall, Premium is not activated, please, go to Menu > Exit and launch the app again. Epsilon Notes
is a text editor for writing texts with Markdown-compatible CommonMark
tags. Epsilon Notes
can generate pdf and HTML code from your documents. CommonMark
is an easy text formatting tool taking only a few minutes to learn. Epsilon Notes
allows: ☆ Processing text files with several markdown extensions. • One of the major advatages of this app is that only you control where to store your notes. This facilitates note management, backup etc. ☆ You can write texts, math formulas and even music notes. ☆ Three modes - reading, writing and html viewing. ☆ If you long-press a file name, you will see additional functions, like "rename", "delete" ☆ The characters frequently used in Markdown are available on the toolbar above the soft keyboard. ☆ Reliable AES-encryption of notes locked with a password if upgraded to Premium. ☆ Individual note customization using YAML declarations ☆ Panel for with local and global favorite links CommonMark
functions: • Italic, bold, strikethrough, underline, highlight, superscript • Links and pictures • Tables and quote-blocks • Headings • Soft-breaks and new-paragraphs • Numbered and bulleted lists. • Use of html tags directly in the text, for example to change the text color. • and others! (See http://commonmark.org) Epsilon Notes also allows advanced users to create their own Markdown tags and tweak the existing ones using a component called compatibility preprocessing, which makes this editor compatible with any
other markdown processor that you formerly used. If you know Markdown tags, then CommonMark will be just as easy for you, because Commonmark was developed as an alternative to Markdown, by expanding it and eliminating ambiguities of the latter. Epsilon Notes Users
Epsilon Notes is a universal application allowing to wiki-link files using markdown links to other documents. It will effectively address your writing needs, especially, if you are • a story writer
. The program will help you to organize your long story in chapters and plan the story plot. • a blogger
. It will help you to write blog content using Commonmark and HTML. • a scientist
. It provides tools to write formulas and print articles in pdf. It also provides customizable toolbars to store your frequently used formulas. • a musician or a poet
. It offers styling your text, inclusion of fonts and music notes. • a diary writer
. You can write your diary with your thoughts organized using links between Commonmark files and photos. You can encrypt your secrets using Advanced Encryption algorythm. It never uploads anything. Your sensitive data is secured against any online or offline threats. • a web-site developer
. It creates html content that you can interlink and upload to you site. It supports GitHub tables and markups. You can customize your content using Javascript, JQuery, CSS and exposes code snippets for your website. • a database lover
. It offers interlinking articles, advanced menu creation for instant navigation through index, search and recents screens. • a journalist
. It allows organizing articles in different folders. Importing articles and weblinks from internet. Generating great-looking pdf documents with photos, colors, customized styles. In short, if you ever have text writing and formatting needs, with files kept offline in a time-proof and application-independent simple text format, Epsilon Notes
is for you. Your high rating of the app will be highly motivating to improve it further.

February 28, 2020
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