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**** Main features **** * Dialer code access for Google Fi (formerly Project Fi) users using official devices allowing for a number of useful functions, such as temporarily changing networks ** NOTE: These functions are only useful for Google Fi users on supported devices - not all devices support these functions! ** Access can be through the main app, notification, widgets, broadcast tile or launcher shortcuts (if supported) ** Codes get stored and the dialer opens, allowing users to long-press and select Paste to initiate the process - the Google Fi app then needs to complete it ** For those needing assistance, enabling Accessibility services allows the code to paste automatically ** For those using Fialer, the dialer no longer needs to open to send dialer codes! ** Can also opt to simply copy the codes * Widgets, notification, tile, and shortcuts can all be configured and customized ** Larger widget with 2-4 buttons, smaller widget with no buttons ** Information displayed as well as actions on click can be customized ** Notification to switch to preferred carrier when not currently on it ** Android 8+ requires an optional background service to keep information displayed accurate * Connection history ** Filterable and searchable list of connection changes ** Options for adding regularly timed current connection status entries ** Contains information on mobile and wifi connection, as well as location if enabled and permitted ** Starting with Android 8+ connection tracking requires an optional background service * Statistics ** Summary descriptives of durations and mobile signal strengths in total and by carrier ** Summaries in total as well as within customizable most recent time range * Appearance ** Options for a light, dark, and black theme ** Options for widgets and notification appearance * Helpful shortcuts ** Available within the app as well as launcher shortcuts ** Phone info, Mobile settings, eSIM manager, Band settings * Help ** Detailed help categories explaining the various parts of the app ** 3dot menu includes links to join the FiSwitch Google Groups community as well as email the developer (me!) **** For root users prior to Android 10 or Fialer users **** * Dialer code buttons do not require the opening of the dialer or pasting of codes ** Triggers are simply sent without any further interaction needed This app can be useful on any supported device, but it is specifically designed for Google Fi users and official Google Fi devices. At its core this app is a slightly automated assistant for utilizing Google Fi-relevant dialer codes. These codes are typically used when there is a preference for one service over another. It should also be noted that these dialer codes are not officially supported by Google Fi, so use with caution. The dialer codes included in this app will be disabled if you don't have the main Google Fi app installed - that is the app that listens for the dialer codes, so they are useless without it. Connection information can include the name of the currently connected provider based on either sim or network, as well as connection type, tower GCI, EARFCN if available, signal strength (dBm), LTE band if applicable, wifi SSID, wifi channel/frequency, and wifi signal type (dBm). Read phone state privileges are asked for one reason: * Grants access to current mobile connection information like type of network (3G, 4G, etc.) Location privileges are asked for a number of reasons: * Provides location data for History entries * Grants access to current mobile connection information such as GCI and LTE band * Grants access to current wifi information for Android 8.1+ Storage privileges are asked for one reason: * Allows for storing and sending of current History and Stats info Changelogs for the various versions of the app can also be found within the app itself!

March 22, 2020
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