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The Flick Electric Co. app is the first that gives Kiwis real time info about the carbon impact of the electricity in the system, and the market price of power. This means Kiwis now have a choice - about the environmental impact of using electricity, and the price they pay - and it’s free for anyone to use. FEATURES FOR EVERYONE New Zealand makes lots of clean electricity, but even a little bit of the dirty stuff has a big carbon impact. When you flick the switch, you get what you get, regardless of the power company you’re with. For the first time, we’re giving Kiwis a live snapshot of what’s in the national grid: - Live information about the total carbon impact of electricity generation; - Ability to receive alerts based on total carbon emissions, so you know the best time to use electricity to reduce your emissions; - Information about the different types of electricity generation in New Zealand and their emissions. FLICKSTER FEATURES If you’re a Flick power customer, even better! The app also delivers your price and bill information to your phone. - Live price dial showing your changing variable cost of electricity; - Ability to turn on high and low price alerts, so you know the best time to use electricity to save money; - Access to your latest bill and savings information; - Ability to change your Volt settings to choose a regular bill amount and better manage your budget. Download the Flick app to be part of the future of electricity!

October 17, 2018
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