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A simple floating calculator that is lightweight and easy to use. Don't forget to leave a review if you like the app, it really helps! After reporting a problem through the system, please email us the steps required to re-produce the problem, this helps us to identify the root cause and provide a fix.
• Runs in a windowed environment and floats above other applications. • Floating window can be moved around the screen. • Floating window can be re-sized. • Font size can be changed. • Calculator window can be minimized into the notification area. • Small footprint. • Copy input/output to clipboard. • Close app directly from notification area. • Calculator window can be made transparent. Hints:
• Holding the 'DEL' button will clear all input. • Holding the 'A' button will reset the font size. • Alternatively tap the 'A' button 6 times to reset the font size. • Clicking the up arrow will minimize the windowed app into the notification area, to bring it back click the notification. • To cancel a window re-size, click in the top left hand corner of the re-size area. • Long press the input/output box to copy to clipboard.

August 28, 2019
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