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How accurate is your mobile device? GPS Benchmark app quickly benchmarks the accuracy of GPS and network-based positioning technologies within a mobile device. GPS Benchmark is a quality-control tool for mobile location providers, including: • GPS • Network • Passive • Fused GPS Benchmark is the ONLY app on Google Play to compare a ground truth location (provided by the user) against the phone's location data to calculate the true error of the positioning system. Other apps can only show the estimated location error that is calculated by the device, which (as GPS Benchmark shows) can be far from accurate. GPS Benchmark allows the user to quickly provide a ground truth location by tapping on the map, scanning a geo-encoded NFC tag or QR Code, or manually entering a latitude/longitude/altitude. GPS Benchmark rapidly evaluates and visualizes data from mobile location solutions and enables quick improvement of positioning system accuracy. GPS Benchmark is for QA professionals and people who find it essential to know the true accuracy of their smartphone's GPS and Network-based location solutions. ** Why is GPS Benchmark essential? ** Traditional design, development, and testing cycles for smartphones and location-based applications require a significant amount of effort and manual data analysis. GPS Benchmark automates much of this process and enables mobile device manufacturers, cell phone carriers, and mobile application developers to focus on improving positioning technologies and software instead of analyzing data. ** To use GPS Benchmark: ** The ground truth location of the mobile device is set by tapping on a satellite map (or manually entering lat/long/alt). The app then measures the error of positions calculated by the phone, generates various statistics on these errors (e.g., min/max/avg horizontal and vertical error, percentiles, etc.) and attaches the results (printout, CSV and KML files) to an email. GPS Benchmark supports benchmarking for GPS and network location providers such as cellular or Wi-Fi network positioning. Please visit http://www.gpsbenchmark.com for more information.

July 8, 2013
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