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This app lets you compare two or more devices to see how good their GPS systems are. You can use it as a kind of GPS benchmark to rate one phone against another. The quality of GPS tracking can vary widely between different phones. Some phones may take longer to get your location using GPS, or may even be unable to determine the location when other phones could work it out. You can run this app on a single device, which might be useful if you just want to see GPS working and get a general idea of performance. But using a single device doesn't give a reliable measure of GPS performance because it depends very heavily on the current situation (where you are, which parts of the sky are visible, the weather, where the satellites are at this moment). If you run it on different days you'll get different results. In order to compare two devices, you can run this app on both devices at once. It connects to a server to synchronize data, and you'll finish with a web page that rates the devices against each other. (You can run multiple tests in different situations to ensure you get consistent results.) Note: If there's anything you don't understand, or to see a full explanation of how to use the app, please watch the 3 minute video on this page. This app contains no ads at all and is entirely free for non-commercial use. (There might be ads on the website that displays results.) If you are using this app for commercial purposes or as part of paid work (for example for publication in a website or magazine), please pay a contribution within the app. This is the only in-app purchase. Feel free to evaluate the app before paying.

July 6, 2015
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