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Explore the real world and catch monsters, using just your device's GPS! Download a fanmade Data Pack containing your favorite set of monsters. They can be anything! You can also create yours. No online connection required to play, except when downloading a data pack. The entire world is made of regions and routes, as well as habitats where families of monsters live. Train your personal team of six monsters to become the best! Battle gym leaders and elites while you travel through a region, earn badges and become the champion! Stay sharp as you explore to find hidden lost items through the use of a radar, or send your monsters in mission to retrieve them. Zoom out your view to see the entire region and the families living in it. If you're strong enough, watch out for legendaries! Explore and mark your favourite locations. Challenge npc trainers, and help them become stronger. Earn trainer titles and catch new species to complete your dex. Pay attention to your monsters' individual personalities and make them happier. Warm and hatch eggs everyday as you travel around. Trade with your friends via bluetooth. Make your monsters learn TMs to use new attack types. Please note: Data Packs are fanmade and they contain all the data related to the monsters. The app does not contain any data or image or music coming from data packs. The game was entirely designed in early 2014 and thus not inspired to, and completely different from, any other famous smartphone game unveiled in late 2015. This is my first android experiment, help me improve it! Thank you!

March 18, 2020
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