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EarthLocation GPS Tracker and directions Functions: - Record routes, send routes via e-mail - Directions - Displays solar eclipse and lunar eclipse - 2D and 3D compass - Displays current weather from any place in the world - Displays the current time from anywhere in the world - Touring the Route - Speedometer, compass, spirit level - GPS satellite information - Chat mode - Speech recognition - Weather and Sunrise Sunset for any location in the world - Local local times - Street View - Distance Vector - Speed ​​curve - Altitude graph - Offline mode - And much more Languages​​: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Indonesian, Hindi, Thai Ideal for business or families. Server and local mode available. Height, width and length degree and speed indicator shows directly. Saves track files in KML + CSV Office Excel format on the SD card. Server-based real-time tracking of remote devices. Languages​​: - English - German - French - Spanish - Portuguese - Italian - Turkish - Russian - Indonesian - Hindi - Thai The revolutionary GPS cell phone tracking technology, allows users to locate mobile phones. Or watch routing a mobile phone in real time from anywhere in the world via Internet. For example: Your children are on their way to school. At the same time you can see exactly over the Internet, visit which streets and places your children to date. Real realtime mobile phone tracking system via the GPS-TRACK satellite network. Based on GPS repeater triangulation. The system tracks mobile phones using GPS or by the current network location. Find any time your phone. Never be more concerned where your children, car, etc.? When required, free registration at our EARTH LOCATION server and thus discrete tracking your mobile phone with the EARTH LOCATION tracking Internet Service! Runs on: Sony Samsung Motorola HTC NEXUS .... If you require online tracking: 1 Create it for free a new account on http://www.8mail.de/earthlocation/index.php 2 Save your login details in your EARTH LOCATION Mobile App under Settings. 3rd Test your account in your EARTH LOCATION Android app under Connection -> Login-test 3 Start tracking in server mode on the phone (not local mode) 4 Observe the directions on your phone under http://www.8mail.de/earthlocation/m/earthlocation/ in Real Time (menu item: GPS Tracking Map)

December 22, 2019
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