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Happy Penguin Alex is not so happy these days because of naughty bubbles that always make trouble. Little fishes are trapped by rows of bubbles. Help Penguin Alex to pop away those bubbles and save little fishes. Sometimes, you may run into the octopus that will stop you way. Don’t be afraid, just POP! In the game, bubbles in rows will keep dropping, but they will fly to the top again when combos are made. Happy Penguin is completely free to download and play except some in-app items such as extra lives and powerful boosters. Happy Penguin Features: -Match and POP bubbles to save little fishes, stop Boss Octopus -The faster you POP, the higher score you get -Make combos to knock the bubbles to the top -Chance to get FREE items that help with challenging levels -Enjoy the music when traveling through the floating bubble islands in the clouds -Master your bubble shooting skills and use strategy to crack tricky levels -Easily sync the game between devices when connected to the Facebook -Play with friends, and ask them for help when lack of hearts -Easy to play, challenge to master

May 18, 2018
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