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Get your calories in the game, not in real life! Help this little guy to grow up and not get killed in his battle against evil wasps and their leader – Hornet! Just tap on the screen and catch flying preys and bonuses, while keeping your distance from wasps! Hungry Jump is an easy to learn arcade, which, however, will challenge your mastery of it with each new level. * 100+ level (and more are coming) – each of them will offer a unique behavior of all insects. * 43 types of task-achievements, finishing which will not only allow you to climb higher in the ranking, but also grant some Nectar. * A lot of different types of bugs-bonuses. You will need to gather them all and rank them up to use properly in your hunting. * Competitive ratings with your friends from Facebook. And this is just the beginning!

June 15, 2017
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