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iQIYI APP premium quality, take you into the new "iQIYI" world. iQIYI VIP luxury new socialist, enjoy exclusive service. 【iQIYI APP recommend for you】 Descendants of the sun: Hero Song Joong Ki rescues the beauty The Imperial Doctress: Cecilia Liu traps into triangle love Mr. Six: Fight between Feng Xiaogang and KRIS Chinese Good Songs : Yuquan come back to rob people against XiaoXuan The Love of Happiness: Perfect William Chan Exclusive play: Let’s Talk 3 ; Madao Brothers 3;My God Singers 3; Big pair of trump card Drama series: Descendants of the sun; Urban demon yarn; The Imperial Doctress: The Love of Happiness Films: Mr. Six; Run for Love; DETECTIVE CHINATOWN; Mountain artillery into the city; The Ghouls; The Last Women Standing Variety Show: Chinese Good Songs; Big pair of trump card; Great Challenge; Twenty Four Hours Cartoon:One Piece;Ling yu;Dragon Ball Super; Sunsational Summer of Boonie Bears; 【Introduction】 iQIYI APP, Splendidness more than videos! Splendidness more than videos! Splendidness more than videos! Important things need to be said 3 times. iQIYI APP gathers videos, social networking, reading, shopping, tickets booking, games and a variety of life service. Go on premium quality, fashion brand essence of youth and continually provide users with rich professional video service, high-definition, fluent, and by the high quality of pure web content, social interaction, game, life consumption and intimate service. All of these are meant to create a more-close-to-life, anda full-range-of-mobile platforms for the users. 【Feedback】 Any Problem! Any Problem! Any Problem! Welcome to harass us at any time! WeChat: iqiyishipin Sina Weibo: iQIYI APP Interact with us ,poke fun at bugs or complain. We’ll send random gifts.

March 13, 2020
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