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Have you seen the International Space Station
? It is visible like a bright moving star! This is the easiest way to spot the station. See the SpaceX Starlink
satellite train with the Famous Objects Extension
(in-app purchase) ISS Detector will help you to find out when and where to look for the International Space Station or Iridium flares. You get an alarm a few minutes before a pass. You will never miss a pass of the International Space Station and you will never miss the bright flashes of the iridium communication satellites. ISS Detector will also check if the weather conditions are right. A clear sky is perfect for spotting. Extensions will enhance the functionality of ISS Detector. With an in-app purchase you can add comets and planets
, amateur radio satellites and famous objects, like the Hubble space telescope or Rocket bodies. You can see more in the night sky (in-app purchases): Radio Amateur Satellites
Track dozens of ham and weather satellites. Includes transmitter frequencies and Doppler shift calculations. Famous Objects
Track Hubble, X-37B, Fitsat, Tiangong, Rocket bodies and more. Comets and Planets
Track comets as they come closer to earth and become bright enough to see.

February 9, 2020
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