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The KSL Classifieds app is the most popular and trusted classifieds marketplace in the Intermountain West. Looking for something to buy? Find like a bajillion listings in Classifieds, Cars, and Homes. Have something to sell? With millions of people using the app every month, items listed on KSL are gone before you know it. Looking for your next career move? Our Jobs section has new job openings posted every day. Need a plumber? We've got 'em. Electrical system going haywire? Get the scoop on local services, read reviews, and contact the best local pro for your next project! FEATURES • Post items for sale in seconds – list faster, sell quicker • Buy locally – shop for new and used items near you • Find your next car – thousands of new and used cars posted every day • View for rent and for sale properties in our Homes section • Browse local job opportunities and submit your resume directly from the app • Contact a local service provider to help with your next project Leave a review about the things you like or send us a note through the app or to support@ksl.com with any questions or concerns. Thanks for using KSL Classifieds!

February 24, 2020
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