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Make your Android Launcher or Lockscreen look unique with Kustom the most powerful Widget creator ever! Use its awesome WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor to create you own designs and display any data you need, at once and without draining your battery as many others tools do! You want animations too? Then check out KWGT little brother Kustom Live Wallpaper! With Kustom Widget you can create customized watches like Digital and Analog Clocks, Live Map Widget, Weather Widget, Text Widget, sophisticated Battery or Memory meters, randomly changing images, Music Players, World clocks, Astronomy widgets and much much more. Imagination is the limit. PLEASE do not use reviews for support/refund questions, for refunds or issues write help@kustom.rocks, for presets help check out our Reddit community
You get:
- Some skin to start with and some Komponent (a Widget in Kustom) - Over ONE thousands FREE widgets in the Featured section! - Text with custom fonts, colors, sizes and effects - Shapes like Ovals, Rects, Arcs, Triangles, Exagons and more - 3D flip transformations, curved and skewed text - Gradients, shadows, tiling and color filters - Zooper like progress bars and series - Layers with overlay effects like pro image / photo editors (blur, clear, xor, difference, saturation) - Touch actions / hotspots on any object you create - Status Bar Notifications (text, images package name and so on) - PNG / JPG / WEBp Image and SVG (scalable vector graphics) support with builtin picture scaler - Google Fitness support (segments, calories, steps, distance, sleep) - Complex programming language with functions, conditionals and global variables - Arbitrary change Widget Background or aspect based on touch, time, location, weather, anything! - Dynamic download of content via HTTP (live maps, weather and so on) - Native music utilities (current playing song title, album, cover) - Weather with wind chill, feels like temperature and more - Multiple weather providers like Open Weather Map, Yr.No, Accu Weather (plugin), Darksky (plugin) and more - RSS and free XML / XPATH / Text download - Tasker support (load preset via Tasker, change variable via Tasker and so on) - A huge amount of data to display such as: date, time, battery (with duration estimation), calendar, astronomy (sunrise, sunset, illumination, stardate), CPU speed, memory, countdowns, WiFi and cellular status, traffic info, next alarm, location, moving speed, rom/device, ip, network data and much more) Pro will:
- Remove the ADS - Support the dev! - Unlock import from SD and all external skins - Recover preset - Save the world from alien invasion More?
- Support site: https://kustom.rocks/ - Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/Kustom - Permissions: https://kustom.rocks/permissions

March 18, 2020
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