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Launcher for XBMC™ (formerly XBMC Launcher) is a helper app that allows you to set XBMC/Kodi as your launcher without modifying the XBMC/Kodi app. Should work with any version as long as the main activity name in the XBMC/Kodi app remains the same. Currently supported XBMC/Kodi variants: - Kodi (Official) - XBMC (Official) - MINIX XBMC - Beyond XBMC - Plex - OUYA XBMC - SPMC - Wasser XBMC - TVMC - VidOn XBMC - VidOn Kodi - WeTek Media Player - Matricon MediaCenter - FTMC - Zidoo Media Center (ZDMC) - EBMC/MyGica Media Center Requires: Kodi for Android (https://kodi.tv/download) or one of the supported Kodi/XBMC variants
Source code: https://github.com/blunden/XBMCLauncher NOTE:
Other apps can be launched from the Programs option on XBMC's main menu.

July 15, 2019
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