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LG 360 CAM Viewer is an application that shows spherical photo and video contents from LG 360 CAM or Google PhotoSphere. And supports the following features. - Gallery : Viewing You can use LG 360 CAM Viewer to view spherical photos and videos that you have shot or shared previously. LG 360 CAM Viewer will list up your spherical photos and videos and allow you to browse your spherical contents which are stored on your phone or external SD card. Spin around, enlarge, or shrink… Experience the playful and unique fun of seeing the entire space around you in a spherical photo and video. Your view can be aligned with your directional change detection in reality if the gyro sensor is embedded and activated in your phone. - SNS Share You can share your spherical photos on the Google Photos and Google StreetView and spherical videos on the YouTube and Facebook. Other social networking services could show spherical photos and videos in a equirectangular format. Note that the spherical contents received via messenger apps should be in its original format and not downsized, in order to be visible in LG 360 CAM Viewer app.

March 27, 2017
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