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Find the best route to your destination even without an internet connection. Magic Earth uses OpenStreetMap data and a powerful search engine to offer you the optimal routes for driving, biking, hiking and public transportation. PRIVACY FIRST!
• We do not track you. We do not profile you. We do not trade in your personal data; moreover, we do not have it. MAPS
• Save big on mobile internet costs and navigate reliably with offline maps powered by OpenStreetMap. 233 countries and regions are ready to be downloaded. • Choose between 2D, 3D and Satellite map views. • Get ready for travel and know every detail of your route like surface, difficulty, distance and elevation profile. • Learn more about the points of interest near you from Wikipedia articles. • Spot nearby parking places to easily park your car. • Stay up-to-date and enjoy regular free map updates. AI DASHCAM
• Improve safe driving and avoid accidents. Receive alerts to potential problems on the road and record your trip. • AI DashCam features Driver Assistance warnings and Dash Cam functionality. • Avoid collisions and accidents with Driver Assistance warnings: Headway Warning, Forward Collision Warning, Pedestrian Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Leaving Lane Warning, Stop & Go Assist. • Record the road ahead during navigation to have an aid in the event of a collision or incident. • Driver Assistance warnings and Recordings are available when the device is on a car mount in landscape mode, with a clear view of the road ahead. * AI DashCam (with Driver Assistance warnings and Dash Cam functionality) requires Android 7 or later. NAVIGATION
• Find the fastest or the shortest route to your destination when you travel by car, bike, on foot or with public transport. • Plan your route with multiple waypoints. • Stay safe with the free Head-up Display (HUD) feature which projects the most important navigation info onto the windshield of your car. • Know in advance which lane to take with precise turn-by-turn navigation and lane assistance. • Get notified about speed cameras and stay up to date with current speed limits. TRAFFIC INFO
• Get real-time traffic info, updated every minute. • Discover alternative routes that avoid the traffic jams and save you time on the road. PUBLIC TRANSPORT
• Get around town quickly and easily. Choose from public transit routes that combine all transportation modes: bus / metro / subway / light rail / train / ferry • Get walking directions, transfer times, departure times, number of stops. And when available, the cost. • Find wheelchair or bike friendly public transportation. WEATHER
• View current temperature and local weather forecast for your favorite locations. • See what weather conditions to expect in the next hours and view the forecast for the next 14 days. NOTES: * Some features are not available in all countries. * Some features require internet connection.

March 17, 2020
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