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Mapy.cz by Seznam will lead you through the whole world. You can take your device anywhere in the world with you. Thanks to the tourist map you know about every trail and bike trail and you won’t miss a single castle, outlook or other attraction. In My maps you can save your places and routes to files. Then you can easily sort them by trips or share them with others. You can display restaurants, ATMs, stations, accommodation and other places that may come in handy. There are even parking zones and public transport timetables in the cities. Maps of the whole world are downloadable and work without internet access. If you are going on a trip, then only with Mapy.cz Even without internet access, you can: - Use downloaded maps even just in the form of regions. - Search locations around the world. - Plan routes for a car, a bike or on foot. - Look through and sort out saved trips in My maps including synchronization to mobile app. In the app you will find: - Offline tourist map of the world with marked tourist trails and bikeways. - Satellite map of the world, panoramic photographs of Czech streets and 3D view. - Offline winter map of the world with cross-country skiing tracks and ski resorts. - Trip tips in your surroundings. - My maps for organising trips synchronised on all devices after login. - Car navigation with lane guidance and speed information. - Cycling and hiking navigation. - Weather forecast for any place on world. Temperature, wind, and precipitation for the next 5 days. - Water tourism information for the Czech Republic, such as rivers' and weirs' passability. - Option to send us your photographs of locations. - Offline search of places, coordinates and categories including open hours and contacts. - Tracker with lot of statistics and autopause - Highlighted parking zones in Czech cities. - Public transport timetables. - Up-to-date fuel prices at petrol stations in Europe.

March 23, 2020
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