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Our news app gives you two issues every weekday, absolutely free. Get your fix of daily news, sport, celebrity, features and puzzles delivered automatically to your tablet or smartphone overnight. Then catch up with the day’s top stories, videos and hot topics with the exclusive Evening Edition. • The latest news, celebrity, sport and features every weekday • Puzzles, games, videos and stunning HD photography • Downloads automatically to your device • Smaller file size – so quicker to download • New easy-to-use navigation • Responsive design Our Metro app offers everything our paper counterpart provides. Keep up to date with the latest in national and international news, sports, business, technology, politics and celebrity news. Have your say and your opinions heard with Talk, Good Feed Deed and Rush-Hour Crush. Get daily insights to your favourite celebrities with our Sixty Second interviews. Everybody loves Metro for the morning commute, but now you’ll have it for the journey home too with the exclusive Evening Edition, available FREE every weekday after 5pm. Download our app on your smartphone or tablet. Just like our newspaper you’ll find the same range of great content Metro is known for and it’s absolutely free Mon-Fri! Enjoy the depth and breadth of all your favourite Metro features: • A round up of all the latest news and headlines • Guilty Pleasures for all your showbiz news • Have your say and get involved with Talk, Good Deed Feed and Rush Hour Crush • Business, Sport, Escape, Property and Home, Scene, Trends and Connect – you won’t miss a thing

June 13, 2019
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