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More than just another music alarm clock! Using SleepCast's unique streaming capability, you can choose to wake up with your own music playing on your phone, Bluetooth speakers, wireless speakers or network-connected DLNA or UPnP hifi. Works with Sonos, Bose and many more. Whether you love dance, blues, rock or any other genre, get SleepCast and start every day with your own unique soundtrack! Bluetooth speakers
Works with all popular Bluetooth speakers including JBL, DKnight, Roker, Cambridge Soundworks, Bowers & Wilkins, etc. Automatically finds Bluetooth speakers you have paired with. Choose your speaker and set your alarm. In the morning, SleepCast will connect to your Bluetooth speaker and play your music. If your Bluetooth speaker can't be reached, no problem - SleepCast plays on your phone. Wireless speakers
Works with popular brands like Sonos, Bose, Raumfeld, Libratone, etc Automatically finds speakers on your wifi network. Choose your wireless speakers, set your alarm and in the morning, SleepCast will play through your wireless speakers. If your wireless speakers can't be reached, SleepCast plays on your phone. Google ChromeCast not yet supported - watch this space! DLNA hifi
Works with all hifi systems and wireless speakers that support the DLNA or UPnP protocol. If your hifi has an ethernet port or wireless module, chances are SleepCast can connect to it. SleepCast automatically finds DLNA devices. If your DLNA hifi can't be reached, SleepCast plays on your phone. Supported brands include B&O, Yamaha, Pioneer, Denon, Onkyo, Marantz, Sony, Panasonic, Harman Kardon, Philips and many, many more. Smart alarm clock
- Rock solid alarm technology - Create unlimited numbers of alarms - Schedule repeating alarms or one-offs - Share playlists between any number of alarms - Duplicate and edit alarms for easy management - See at a glance when your next active alarm is due Sophisticated music alarm
- Create unlimited numbers of playlists - Use any tracks on your phone - music in Google Play Music and streaming sources not yet supported - watch this space! - Optionally set your playlist to shuffle and/or repeat - Optionally set the music to fade in when alarm starts - Simple, easy-to-use music player interface - Track info display so you know what you're listening to Not just an alarm clock
- Let SleepCast rock you to sleep with its built-in sleep timer - Select any playlist and choose how long you'd like to play for - Hit play and lie back as the music plays - Use any tracks on your phone including ambient noise - Optionally fade the music out as you sleep Not just for sleeping!
SleepCast can be used any time you want to schedule music and play from your phone. Whatever you're doing, wherever you're doing it, SleepCast helps you enjoy the perfect soundtrack for your day. FAQ
Frequently asked questions: http://support.sleepcast.me/faq Help
Audio device help: http://support.sleepcast.me/audio-device-help Permissions
Explanation of the permissions requested by SleepCast: http://support.sleepcast.me/android-permissions

May 3, 2017
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