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Bookmarks, Games, Applications, Use MyBookmark to organize them all!! MyBookmarks is the simple app to store and organize your favorite website and android apps. The concept is "Webs, Apps, Shortcuts, bookmark them all!!" That’s right. With MyBoookmarks, you can use website and apps seemlesly!! [What you can do with this App] 1. Organize your favorite website or App, and launch them quickly. These are called 'bookmark', and can be sorted as you like. 2. Categorize your bookmarks with folder. Bookmarks are categorized by Category(Folder), which can be nested to 3-Tiers. Check your Android HOME, if you are lost in the tons of Apps, MyBookmark is the best to categorize them all!! 3. Powerful security function to protect your bookmark. Bookmarks can be protected by security function. Set your important Bookmark as security enabled, and they are not shown until you login to security mode by password. [NOTE] Please REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD, you can not retrieve old password, as it is stored with strong encryption. [App Permissions] MyBookmarks needs these permissions. - Bookmarks and History To import brouser's bookmarks and history. - Your accounts To access Google Drive for online backup. - Network communication To launch bookmarks, show Ads, retreive icons. [Release History] 30-Mar-2016 - Bugfix of Fixed backup/restore on android4, 5 29-Mar-2016 - Runtime permisson support (Android 6) 29-Feb-2016 - Enhancement Security login is enabled by long pressing the title bar. - Some bug fix. 2016-2-29 Bugfix of Fixed application-abort occured on Android4, when saving bookmark via share from browser, and try to change category. 21-Feb-2016 Bugfix of Fixed application-abort occured on Android4, when saving bookmark via share from browser, and try to change category. 19-Feb-2016 Bugfix Fixed icon fetch failure when bookmarking website. 2-Sep-2015 - Support material design. Update UI design, support google's material design. 18-Feb-2015 - Bugfix. Fixed bookmarking website, as it failed by fetching icon for website. Removed import function on Android6, as android6 removed interface for accessing browsers bookmarks. 2015-2-13 - Bug fix - since, for users using MyBookmarks with android L(<5.0) and Pro-addon installed, app launch failed due to license check. This problem fixed with this release. 2015-2-10 - Bug fix for favicon get when bookmarking website. 2014-9-20 - Edit bookmark name supported. 2014-2-16 - Performance optimization Decreased memory footprint to support more bookmarks. - UI enhancement Support list style view. 2014-1-24 Bug fix for Online backup/restore. 2014-1-19 2.9.3 UI customize enhancement. - Text size can be set on bookmark buttons. - Icon size can be set on bookmark buttons. - Auto adjust size of bookmark buttons (case bookmark text is long) can be switched on/off.

March 1, 2017
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