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Keep track of your Vodafone account on the go with the My Vodafone app. Track your usage, view and pay bills. With My Vodafone you can also upgrade your phone, change your plan, and get weekly treats and give-aways with VeryMe rewards. You can also: • Get help from TOBi, our friendly virtual agent • Top up and claim rewards • Add extras and manage your bars • Check your network and Wi-Fi speed • Manage all your Vodafone services in one place Things to remember: • You must be on a device with your Vodafone UK SIM card to use the app • The first time you use the app, you’ll need to be connected to our mobile network (not Wi-Fi) to register your device. Just to note, if you don’t have an inclusive data allowance this will be charged at your standard rate • The My Vodafone app is free, but any data you use to access VeryMe Rewards or other functions will be taken from your monthly allowance or credit • If you’re new to Vodafone or have recently upgraded, your account information won’t be available until after your first bill • The My Vodafone app is being rolled out to sole trader and small business customers. We’ll contact you when you can use it for your business • For more help with the app visit www.vodafone.co.uk/app • Having app issues? Email MyVodafoneApp@vodafone.co.uk

March 2, 2020
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