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Next sea ice livewallpaper, designed forNext Launcher 3D
specially, is released now. Its major features include: --General-- Soft sunshine flowing on the sea ice --With Next Launcher-- Glare will follow your fingers, while you are sliding on the screen Glare will focus around the icon which you are Pressing Style of the live wallpaper and Next Launcher match perfectly How to use: General:Long press homescreen—>Wallpaper—>Live wallpaper—>Next seaice With Next Launcher:Long press homescreen(Click 'Menu')—>Wallpaper—> Next live wallpaper—>Next seaice Get the full version of Next honeycomb live wallpaper, search and install 'Next Launcher' in Google Play. Not all handsets support the live wallpaper feature, please check for a 'live wallpaper' category as the directions above state. If you encounter any problems or have any suggestions for our Next Launcher, please do not hesitate to tell us. Thank you very much! E-mail: nextlauncher@gmail.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/NextLauncher

September 9, 2014
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