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Notes is a super simple and free download notepad app for easy note taking on your Android smartphone. It provides a quick and simple notepad editing experience and actively reminds you of saved notes so you'll never miss anything important. Besides, this could be the perfect place to store your private files. *Quick note* Whenever you have an idea, write it down, and then check list anytime and anywhere. Notes can quickly capture what’s on your mind. It allows to pick your own favorite and unique style of creating notes - use text, add images and voices. *Voice memo* Record any interesting sounds and keep inside the notes; No worry about typing trouble and just speak a voice memo on the go. *Powerful task reminder* Users can set reminders for all records, including memos, to-do lists, photos and audios, ideas, tasks, appointments, weekly schedule and so on, Notes will keep track of it all before forgotten. *Stay organized* Organize your notes into notebooks to keep track of all your thoughts and ideas, this wonderful lightweight personalized handwriting tool will make your life simple. Features:
1.Add ideas & memos & checklists anytime; 2. Set color of the note. Add color selections to organize different lists; 3. Set up reminders for important events; 4.Search by keyword; 5. Insert precious photos here as the private storage; 6. Copy and paste notes & texts; 7. Wordpad style: bold, italic, underline, and highlight options; 8. Control the text size used when writing notes; 9. Sort by color or by time; 10. Keep and organize day to day record; If you are still looking for the very fast and intuitive notepad app for Android, just experience Notes which is free download & contains no Ads. We keep improving and optimizing our app to make it better and more convenient, any suggestions about Notes is precious and welcome to contact us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Notes-177324513134111/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Notes_now

August 15, 2018
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