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All-in-one app for public transit
trip planner
(door to door), ⏱️ live departure times
(including delays),  nearby stations
(also on a map) and ️ interactive network plans
. Offi makes use of official time table and connection data
of the selected public transit authority! This ensures that disruptions become visible as soon as the transit authority has included them with the data. The app has no advertisements
and doesn't track you
! Offi will use your private data only for providing the requested information and not for other means. The app is open source
, free software
and is thus a community project
. Supported countries
 USA (Philadelphia, Chicago)  Australia (Sydney, New South Wales, Melbourne, Victoria)  Europe  United Kingdom (TL)  Ireland  Germany (DB)  Austria (ÖBB)  Italy  Switzerland (SBB)  Belgium (NMBS, SNCB, De Lijn, TEC)  Luxembourg  Liechtenstein  Netherlands (Amsterdam)  Denmark (DSB)  Sweden (SJ)  Norway (Oslo & Bergen)  Finland  Poland (PKP)  France (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur) Supported Cities and Regions
 Chicago (RTA)  Austin (CMTA, CapMetro)  Sydney & New South Wales  London (TfL)  Birmingham  Liverpool  Dublin  Dubai (RTA)  Berlin & Brandenburg (BVG, VBB)  Hamburg (HVV)  Frankfurt & Rhine-Main (RMV)  Munich/München (MVV, MVG)  Augsburg (AVV)  Schwerin & Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (VMV)  Rostock (RSAG)  Kiel, Lübeck & Schleswig-Holstein (nah.sh)  Hannover & Lower Saxony (GVH)  Göttingen & South Lower Saxony (VSN)  Braunschweig (BSVAG)  Bremen (BSAG)  Bremerhaven & Oldenburg (VBN)  Leipzig & Saxony-Anhalt (NASA)  Dresden (DVB, VVO)  Chemnitz & Mittelsachsen (VMS)  Essen, Dortmund, Düsseldorf & Rhine-Ruhr (VRR)  Cologne/Köln, Bonn (KVB, VRS)  Lüdenscheid & Märkischer Kreis (MVG)  Paderborn & Höxter (nph)  Mannheim & Rhine-Neckar (VRN)  Stuttgart (VVS)  Reutlingen & Neckar-Alb-Donau (NALDO)  Ulm (DING)  Karlsruhe (KVV)  Trier (VRT)  Nuremberg/Nürnberg, Fürth & Erlangen (VGN)  Würzburg & Regensburg (VVM)  Strasbourg & Freiburg  Baden-Württemberg (NVBW)  Plauen & Vogtland (VVV)  Vienna/Wien, Lower Austria & Burgenland  Upper Austria (OÖVV)  Linz (Linz AG)  Salzburg  Innsbruck (IVB)  Graz & Styria (STV)  Bregenz & Vorarlberg  Basel (BVB)  Lucerne/Luzern (VBL)  Zurich/Zürich (ZVV)  Brussels/Brüssel (STIB, MIVB)  Copenhagen/Kopenhagen (Metro)  Stockholm (SL)  Warsaw/Warschau (ZTM) and more... Description of requested permissions
 Full network access, because Offi needs to query information services for departures and disruptions.  Location, so Offi can show nearby stations and navigate you from your current location.  Contacts/Calendar, so Offi can route you to your contacts or location from a calendar event, store a connection in your calendar or e-mail it to your friends.

March 6, 2020
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