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Open hidden windows is a small support tool to allow you to display any window , even if it would normally restore off the menu. This application will be able to show your phone settings.For example tethering activation setting,fix ip address setting,to change GSM to CDMA mode, and so on.If your phone manufacture installed some testing applications, you can find out some hidden setting windows. My application can run over 2000 phones.So I can't test all tablets and phones. Please enjoy maniac world. At last,here is recent installed phone data; SBM102SH,43 valentewx,36 Sharp Aquos (SBM006SH),20 SEMC Xperia Arco HD (IS12S),18 SBM007SH,15 Motorola Photon 4G (sunfire),14 SC-01D,11 Asus Nexus 7 (grouper),10 Motorola Droid RAZR (cdma_spyder),9 Samsung Galaxy S2 (SC-03D),9 jmasai,6 WX04K,6 SBM101SH,6 shooterk,5 Samsung Galaxy Nexus (maguro),5 SO-02E,5 SEMC Experia Acro (IS11S),5 scorpion_mini_t,4 dlxj,4 Sharp INFOBAR A01 (SHX11),4 SC-03E,4 ISW11SC,4 FJI13,4 tilapia,3 Fujitsu Toshiba REGZA Phone T01C (tg03),3 SEMC Xperia Arco HD (SO-03D),3 SH09D,3 SC-02D,3 Samsung Galaxy S2 (SC-02C),3 Sharp Galapagos (SBM003SH),3 N-06D,3 IS11CA,3 FJI11,3 Motorola Droid RAZR (umts_spyder),2 p4noterf,2 Pantech MIRACH_J (mirachj),2 Samsung Galaxy S3 (m0),2 hwu9700L,2 hwS42HW,2 f11eif,2 Samsung Galaxy S3 (d2dcm),2 Dell Blaze (blaze),2 Samsung Galaxy S2 (SPH-D710),2 SO-04D,2 SO-01E,2 SHX12,2 SH02E,2 SC-02E,2 SBM106SH,2 SBM009SH,2 SBM005SH,2 KYL21,2 Kyocera ISW11K Digno (KYI11),2 A68,2 Motorola XOOM (wifi_hubble),1 HTC One S (ville),1 vanquish,1 valentewxc9,1 tcc8920st,1 t03g,1 Dell Streak (streak),1 smq_t,1 HTC myTouch 3G (sapphire),1 SEMC X10 Xperia Mini (robyn),1 rk29sdk,1 HTC Sensation 4G (pyramid),1 picasso_e,1 pana2_1,1 nbx02,1 msm7225,1 mione_plus,1 maruko,1 mako,1 imnj,1 icx1227,1 i_dcm,1 hwu9201L,1 Huawei U8650 (hwu8650),1 hwU8800pro,1 geehdc,1 espressowifi,1 e0,1 Samsung Galaxy S3 (d2vzw),1 Samsung Galaxy S3 (d2att),1 Samsung Nexus S (crespo),1 HTC Desire HD (ace),1 a200,1 TSI11,1 Asus EeePad Transformer TF300 (TF300T),1 SOL21,1 SO-03E,1 SO-03C,1 Asus EeePad Slider SL101 (SL101),1 Samsung Galaxy S (SHW-M110S),1 SHL21,1 SHI17,1 SHI13,1 SH06D,1 Samsung Exhibit 2 4G (SGH-T679),1 SGH-S959G,1 SGH-I777,1 SCH-I110,1 SC-05D,1 Samsung Galaxy S (SC-02B),1 SC-01E,1 SBM201F,1 SBM104SH,1 SBM103SH,1 SBM101F,1 SBM007SHK,1 SBM007SHJ,1 N1,1 N-07D,1 NEC MEDIAS N-06C (N-06C),1 N-04D,1 LT26ii,1 LT25i,1 LT22i,1 KYY04,1 GT-S7500T,1 Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5360),1 F11D,1 F10D,1 F04E,1 C5156,1 x2,0 LG Optimus One (thunderc),0 rk30sdk,0 ratech77_ics2,0 pana2_2s,0 Panasonic P-02D Lumix Phone (pana2_2),0 LG P2 (p2),0 oscar,0 nuclear-evb,0 Sony Tablet S (nbx03),0 mini,0 m805_892x,0 m3,0 lgl45c,0 l0,0 iliamna,0 icx1216,0 hwu9200-92,0 holiday,0 generic,0 g06refe4,0 espresso10wifi,0 Samsung Galaxy S3 (d2tmo),0 Samsung Galaxy S3 (d2spr),0 d1lv,0 crane-inet,0 chaser-921,0 HTC Desire (bravo),0 batman_dcm,0 arthur,0 T02D,0 SHI14,0 SHI12,0 Sharp IS05 (SHI05),0 Sharp Aquos (SH12C),0 SH07D,0 SH06DNERV,0 SH01D,0 SCL21,0 Samsung Galaxy S (SCH-R910),0 Samsung Stratosphere (SCH-I405),0 SBM203SH,0 SBM200SH,0 SBM107SH,0 SBM102SH2,0 P-07D,0 P-06D,0 N-05D,0 LT30p,0 SEMC Xperia Arc S (LT18i),0 L-07C,0 Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000),0 F05E,0 F02E,0 D01E,0

August 19, 2013
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