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PAYLoad MAXXimizer is a simple and easy-to-use app that helps you maximize the carrying capacity of your truck/tractor/prime mover/lorry in an articulated semi-trailer-truck combination. In other words, this app recommends a new 5th wheel coupling position for trucks that carry freight by towing one or more semi-trailers, which are connected using a 5th wheel coupling device. All you have to do is to enter a few basic details of your truck like tare weights, target axle weights etc. and the app does the rest. No complexity at all! Based on the input, PAYLoad MAXXimizer calculates the currently loaded axle weights, identifies any shortfalls, and recommends a new coupling position that MAXXimizes your truck's carrying capacity. By making your truck operate on maximum payload, you end up saving on transport cost and, hence, MAXXimize your profits! WHY PAYMAXX IS BENEFICIAL
Since the 5th wheel coupling device calculation is complex and involves a lot of technical know-how, many drivers operate their truck at axle group weights far lower than the maximum allowable limit just to be on the safe side. This naturally results in losses as trucks do not work to their full potential, leading to reduced transport efficiency and higher transport costs. The PAYLoad MAXXimizer app comes in handy as it quantifies any shortage between the loaded weight of an axle group and its maximum allowable limit, and then recommends a new 5th wheel coupling position that eliminates this shortage. The app even calculates how much additional revenue the new 5th wheel coupling position will generate in additional payload capacity. PAYMAXX ALSO OPTIMIZES FOR VARYING FUEL FILL CAPACITIES
If your truck has a far greater fuel capacity than what is required, you can increase its payload by making it operate on less fuel in the fuel tank. For such scenarios, PAYLoad MAXXimizer can also calculate the maximum expected axle loads at 1/4, half, 3/4, or full fuel capacity and recommend a 5th wheel coupling positions for each. WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM PAYMAXX?
Downloading the PAYLoad MAXXimizer app is absolutely necessary for every freight operator or truck driver. The app is especially designed to be used by those involved in transport businesses, logistics operators, vehicle designers, and the likes. HOW IT WORKS
Calculating maximum payload via PayMaxx is very simple. All you need are 3 small steps and you’re done. STEP 1
– Select the Truck Type: Choose your truck type. STEP 2
– Fill in the Truck Details: Key in the details like the steer tare, drive tare, truck wheelbase dimension, max trailer swing radius dimension etc. If you want to optimize for varying fuel loads, check the box stating "Optimize for Varying Fuel Loads" and key in additional details like truck fuel capacity and distance from the tank(s). STEP 3
– Get Result: Once you have filled in the details, you will immediately learn about any axle and payload shortfall, additional revenue potential, and swing clearance between the truck and the trailer. Download the app now; let’s get started!

November 6, 2019
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