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After a while WE ARE BACK with a lot of new tables, features, options and much more! If you find any bug please write it to us and we will fix it by the upcoming update! EM, SS AND REMAKE TABLES ARE PLAYABLE WITH 1 BALL LIMITATIONS BY FREE PLAY MODE! Android version of Zaccaria Pinball is the same 100% with PC Steam version. It is like you would play on a laptop or a gamer pc this way! Zaccaria was founded by three brothers (Marino, Franco, & Natale) and was the 3rd largest manufacturer of pinball machines in the world (behind Bally & Williams). They had created and produced more than 38 different pinball machines between 1974 and 1987. Zaccaria Pinball is a commemoration of this great pinball manufacturer. We brought you all solid-state and electro-mechanical pinball tables of Zaccaria company. FEATURES - High detailed Zaccaria and own developed pinball tables. - Original table rules, sound effects and vocals. - Breathtaking light and shadow effects. - Very accurate and customizable physics and ball movements. - Various diffictulty levels: Arcade, Simulation and User. - User game mode allows you to tweak pinball physics and table settings the way you like! - Camera Editor to customize 4 camera views for your own taste or select from 3 standard camera views. - Different game modes: Classic, *Checkpoint, *Challenge, *Survivor, *Lamp Hunter, *Target Eliminator and *90 Sec (marked modes are not available on retro tables or in free play mode). - 4000+ quests - Extra modes: Story Mode, Campaign Mode. - Keyboard and controller support. SOLID-STATE (SS) PINBALL TABLES The original pinball machines from Zaccaria company. Time Machine, Devil Riders, Locomotion, Pinball Champ '82, Pinball Champ, Farfalla, Blackbelt, Robot, Hot Wheels, Soccer Kings, Shooting the Rapids, Star God, Magic Castle, Earth Wind Fire, Clown, Future World, Fire Mountain, Space Shuttle, Winter Sports, Zankor, Pool Champion, Mexico '86, House of Diamonds, Mystic Star, Spooky, Star's Phoenix, Strike. ELECTRO-MECHANICAL (EM) PINBALL TABLES The original pinball machines from Zaccaria company. Aerobatics, Circus, Combat, Moon Flight, Lucky Fruit, Universe, Supersonic, Cine Star, Wood's Queen, Nautilus, Red Show, Tropical, Granada, Top Hand. REMAKE PINBALL TABLES The mondernized version of Zaccaria pinball machines with modern features like combos, modes, ramps etc. Shooting the Rapids 2016, Space Shuttle 2016, Combat 2016, Cicrus 2017, Earth Wind Fire 2017, House of Diamonds 2017, Spooky 2017, Farfalla 2017, Magic Castle 2017, Hot Wheels 2017, Zankor 2017, Locomotion 2018, Robot 2018, Pinball Champ 2018, Blackbelt 2018, Winter Sports 2018, Future World 2018, Nautilus 2018, Star's Phoenix 2018, Pool Champion 2018, Clown 2019, Devil Riders 2019, Fire Mountain 2019, Tropical 2019, Wood's Queen 2019. RETRO PINBALL TABLES When prehistoric times of the pinballs meet pinball machines of Zaccaria company. Locomotion Retro, Devil Riders Retro, Pinball Champ Retro, Shooting the Rapids Retro, Farfalla Retro, Hot Wheels Retro, Space Shuttle Retro, Circus Retro, Combat Retro, House of Diamonds Retro, Earth Wind Fire Retro, Robot Retro, Blackbelt Retro, Soccer Kings Retro, Star God Retro. AWARD PINBALL TABLES Award tables can be unlocked by completion of quests. The Mummy, Aliens, Hippie, Fire Fighter, Speed King, Beast Master, Voyager, Wizard, Zombie, Caveman. STORY MODE Story Mode is a time travel across pinball machines manufactured by the Zaccaria company. CAMPAIGN MODE Campaign mode offers you a never-before-seen pinball experience with RPG elements. The Campaign Mode includes more than 150 different levels spread out among the Solid State and EM tables. CUSTOMIZATION FEATURES Zaccaria Pinball has tones of awesome customization features which affect to graphics and physics aspects of the game.

August 30, 2019
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