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A client app for the Pinboard bookmarking service. Features - Tablet optimized - Add, edit, view, and delete bookmarks - View notes - Sync bookmarks, tags, and notes - Home screen widgets - Dashclock widget extension - Muliple accounts supported - Search titles, tags, and notes - Open source: https://github.com/maxpower47/PinDroid - Bug reports: http://code.google.com/p/pindroid Known issues - HTC Sense 4+ (Jelly Bean) devices have a bug that causes them to only display one share target per app in the stock HTC apps (Internet, Messages, etc). As a workaround, there is a standalone app (PinDroid Read Later) to add the share target and forward it to the main PinDroid app. Note that the main PinDroid app must be installed for this to work. - PinDroid can be moved to an sd card, however this will cause you to have to re-login every time you reboot your device. Doing this may also cause widgets to not work in some cases. Translations - English - Finnish - Spanish - German - Korean Coming soon (waiting on API support from Pinboard): -Notes support (add, edit, delete) -More efficient syncing (all syncs are full replacement currently) -Support for bookmark stars -Support for viewing and syncing your network contacts Follow PinDroid on Twitter: @PinDroid

February 7, 2017
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