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Some AMOLED screen powered devices are able to "turn off" those pixels which are showing black colour. This app will let you to turn off some pixels in order to save your appreciate battery by showing very small black points. As newer devices comes with very high density screens those points will be insignificant to the user´s sight and will be offset by lower spending battery SAVE BATTERY by turning off some AMOLED screen pixels! PERMISSIONS: -Location: Is used to monetize the app (earn money) without using ads which destroy user experience and app interface. YOU CAN COMPLETELY OPT-OUT FROM LOCATION COLLECTION BY CLICKING CANCEL IN THE FIRST STARTUP DIALOG -Run at start-up: Needed to start battery saver automatically at start up -Display system-level alerts: Needed to show overlays and, therefore, save battery -Wifi connection information: Used to check if premium product is purchased Thanks for using Pixel Off Battery Saver

July 13, 2018
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